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Call Me By Your Name – Movie Review

Set in northern Italy in the summer of 1983, this internationally flavoured drama is a gorgeously nostalgic coming-of-age story that gets deep under the...

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Lisa Marie Presley to pay $100k to estranged husband

Lisa Marie Presley has been ordered to pay her estranged husband $100,000.The 50-year-old singer - who is the daughter of the late musical icon...

Keith Richards: It would take somebody keeling over to end Rolling Stones

Keith Richards says it would take a death in the band to stop them touring.The 74-year-old guitarist insists the 'Start Me Up' group have...

Katy Perry Has Angered Catalans With Her Tour Announcement

Superstar singer Katy Perry is facing an unexpected backlash after announcing her live show in Catalan on her social media channels using the Spanish...

Raye supporting Rita Ora on UK tour

Raye is supporting Rita Ora on her UK tour this May.The 'You Don't Know Me' hitmaker teamed up with the blonde beauty on 'Girls'...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Video Interviews

Mark Hamill - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Video InterviewJohn Boyega - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Video InterviewDaisy Ridley - Star Wars: The...

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